End User Computing

End user computing includes all uses of computers by non-developers, In short, the end users that programmers develop.

You want to digitize an analog system, migrate a legacy application to the cloud, or develop a new digital process? Are you planning to automate your service operations processes or make them more efficient? We will be happy to provide you with our experienced counselors, who will accompany you through all phases and successfully implement your project together with you.

Whether you want to reduce the error rate by automating and optimizing business processes or want to offer your customers a new individual customer platform, we accompany you in the realization and development of your web applications, desktop applications, mobile applications, or cloud-based solution.

We use all common programming languages, various current technologies, and databases, such as C #, Java, Visual Basic .NET, Python, C ++, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular JS, HTML5, PHP, Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and work with common cloud platforms and use various methods, such as iterative, SCRUM, Waterfall, V-model, or Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) before Scrum.

We are happy to take over the maintenance and further development of your solution after it has gone live, as well as the associated support 24/7 if desired.

We offer reliable IT solutions that are always automated, secure, simple, and easy to use – for your clients, servers, and mobile devices.

We create fully automated installable software packages according to your specifications and wishes that meet your needs 100%. These software packages facilitate the daily work of your employees, because the automatic and comprehensive installation of e.g., security updates or software updates ensures smooth operation around the clock.

We offer customized bare metal provisioning solutions for the automated installation and deployment of Microsoft Windows (disk imaging and deployment process). These solutions include the default configurations, operating system, configuration files and all packaged applications. We support the creation of RTM (Release to Manufacturer) images as well as custom images and simultaneous deployment to multiple target systems.

  • One-click delivery: By integrating existing enterprise resource planning systems for the automated transfer of configuration parameters, such as the target hardware or the desired operating system, manual effort and thus possible incorrect entries are minimized.

  • Hardware-dependent deployment: Bare Metal Provisioning detects the target hardware before the operating system installation and implements the specific drivers during the deployment process.

  • Bare Metal Imaging: Only a universal number of base images are required.

  • Reduced maintenance: The latest drivers are always installed automatically.


  • Initial setup: Default settings can also be set up automatically later (e.g. user accounts, system settings, domain join), reducing IT integration effort.

  • Targeted deployment: Finalization can be set up automatically (e.g. software installations and user settings). Together with the packaged software, end devices can be provisioned ready for operation without manual intervention, from operating system installation to software installation and individual setup.

  • With this approach, we ensure that the latest versions are always available on your device, without any additional update effort on the part of the IT department.